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Browns - Carbon sources

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Wood chips - mulch: 30.213491, -97.737668
Allandale Yard: 30.350098, -97.668495
Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company: 30.217597, -97.767996
Round Rock Brush Recycling Center: 30.505909, -97.700440
Saw dust/ wood chips: 30.284620, -97.704910
Cardboard from Austin Shade Works: 30.368500, -97.720762
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Wood chips - mulch
Austin Resource and Recovery Recycle & Reuse Center
Free wood chips/mulch available M-F 9 am - 4:30 pm and Sat 9-11:30

You will need to bring your own pitchfork or shovel and containers as this is a self-service facility. Also recommend gloves and dust masks.

While you are there, drop off your used batteries, old paint, styrofoam and other materials for disposal, recycling or reuse and pick up paint, fertilizer or other goodies. Check out the complete list by clicking the link above.

Any questions, call (512) 974-4373

2514 Business Center Drive, Austin, TX, United States
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Allandale Yard
Chipped wood available from this tree service yard at 9513 Brown Lane.  Hours are flexible, just email to make arrangements

Have front loader available to fill trailers.  May be able to deliver large quantity for transport fee only.

Also, has brush available.

9513 Brown Lane, Austin, TX
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Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company
Third Coast Coffee - Ground to Ground's first Roasting Company!

Coffee chaff is a great mulch, chicken litter or brown for the compost.  They also generate a couple of buckets a week of coffee grounds.  Bring a clean bucket and exchange for one full of coffee grounds or coffee chaff..

Hours are weekdays (except Wednesday) 9am-6pm.

4402 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78745
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Round Rock Brush Recycling Center
Hours of operation:
Closed Sunday
9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday
Brush Recycling Center (512) 218-5559
Recycling Center (512) 218-7047
Residents within Round Rock City limits (must show a current City of Round Rock water bill and valid drivers license to qualify for free drop off) may take small pickup truck loads of mulch during the Center's hours of operation. No commercial vehicles, dump trucks or large trailers qualify for free residential mulch.

310 Deepwood Drive, Round Rock, TX
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Saw dust/ wood chips
Wood shop produces bags of untreated wood chips/sawdust.  Great for animal bedding, mulch, and composting.   The wood is typically kiln dried Sipo Mahogany, Long Leaf Pine, Doulas Fir and Spanish Cedar  - primarily mahogany and pine - no treated wood.

Black trashbags are left near the dumpsters (to the north/west of the Chilantro trucks). Stop by 24/7

If there are no bags, feel free to walk back the shop and ask the guys - it's the grey building inside the gate behind the Chi-Lantro kitchen.  There is also a side gate on the Skylark Lounge side. Look for Red River Restorations

2039 Airport Boulevard, Austin, TX, United States
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Cardboard from Austin Shade Works
Go dumpster diving (we have permission) at Austin Shade Works, 8868 Research Blvd #101, Austin, TX 78758. They often have long piece of cardboard, perfect for lining paths and narrow beds. Their cardboard recycling bin is located behind the store. Drive through any time.
8868 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78758, United States

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