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Compost Coalition will help you connect to the people and resources you need to divert organic materials from our landfills and back into nutrient-rich earth.  We don’t have to fill up our landfills with kitchen scraps, leaves, paper, coffee grounds, grass clippings, spoiled food or other organic materials when there are chickens that would love to scratch through the food, plants that can use the nitrogen in the coffee grounds and microbes and worms that will happily digest any organic material and give us a compost that will increase plant productivity and soil water-retention.

We are a grass-roots, volunteer network of individuals, businesses and communities working together to turn “trash” into treasure.

Composting is for everyone

Anyone can do it.  It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or have forty acres, you too can reduce the amount of materials that are going into landfills.

Reduce the amount of food you waste by planning meals to use the food you have, boxing up those leftovers for a second meal (hopefully in a reusable or compostable box),  and being realistic in your food shopping. There are also great ideas for storing your foods to keep them fresh longer – check out Love Food Hate Waste. Reuse your veggie and meat scraps by making tasty broths and/or by feeding them to your favorite chickens.

Your pizza boxes and other soiled paper that can’t be recycled, your kitchen scraps, your coffee grounds and filters, those moldy who-knows-what-that-once-was remains in the bottom of your vegetable bin, grass clippings, and leaves can all be COMPOSTED.  If it grows, it goes.  Check out the Resources page for how-to information on starting a compost system and find organic materials to supplement your system and keep all those microbes happy and healthy.






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