Ground to Ground


Simple. Sustainable. Community-driven.  Ground to Ground reduces waste, builds our soil, and strengthens local business. Participating is easy: Ground to Ground businesses provide free grounds to customers in bags, buckets, or bins.  Just ask how to get grounds at the counter.  And take all you can carry!

Find out why we should put coffee grounds into our soils and not into the landfill by clicking here.

Ways to support Ground to Ground:
  • Collect grounds (and a hot cup of joe!) at one of our participating businesses. Use them in your own garden, or take them to a drop-off location.  See map for current locations.
  • Help us expand the network in your neighborhood!  Tell us about a coffee shop, restaurant, office, or other source  that you would like to see participating.
  • Become a “captain”. You support a new source by picking up grounds at least once a week until the program is established and encourage friends and neighbors to do the same.
  • Promote Ground to Ground through social media, newsletters, word of mouth.
  • Educate others about the benefits of coffee grounds and composting.
  • If you are a business, join Ground to Ground today.   Take a look at our Ground to Ground Business Brochure.

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Starbucks - I35/Oltorf: 30.233654, -97.742390
Starbucks - Ben White(71) near 35: 30.220553, -97.757306
Flightpath Coffee: 30.313863, -97.719834
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - 4100 Red River: 30.300462, -97.722156
Vintage Heart Coffee: 30.264319, -97.727698
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - 183/Anderson Mill: 30.445353, -97.788643
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - Steiner Ranch/Quinlan Crossing: 30.389054, -97.883742
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - Slaughter/Mopac: 30.200862, -97.868683
Waterloo Ice House - Circle C: 30.202987, -97.878982
Genuine Joe Coffeehouse: 30.353925, -97.727553
Waterloo Ice House - 360: 30.363139, -97.788907
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - 290W: 30.236137, -97.821767
Upper Crust Bakery: 30.315825, -97.741515
Third Coast Coffee Roasting Company: 30.217597, -97.767996
Dolce Vita : 30.304315, -97.726533
Galaxy Cafe at the Triangle: 30.314795, -97.733699
Fair Bean Coffee: 30.244016, -97.758473
Texas Coffee Traders: 30.262002, -97.728748
Hoover/\'s Cooking: 30.284349, -97.720248
Lola Savannah: 30.296526, -97.831764
Starbucks - Mopac at Wm Cannon: 30.223000, -97.836681
The Hideout Coffeehouse: 30.268569, -97.742151
Voodoo Doughnut: 30.267839, -97.740814
Mellow Johnny\'s/Juan Pelota: 30.268109, -97.749269
Zilker Brewing Co.: 30.262096, -97.724538
Tiny House Coffee: 30.322702, -97.726232
Once Over Coffee Bar: 30.152400, -97.801300
Spokesman Coffee: 30.215800, -97.763600

Want more than just coffee grounds?  Check out all the materials available and drop spots for materials you aren’t composting at home

Browns              Greens              Coffee grounds             Mixed             Drop spots

For more great information on using coffee grounds and to find grounds in Australia, check out the original Ground to Ground site.

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