Be a part of Compost CoalitionWe are working to keep organic materials out of landfills and return the nutrients back to our soils by connecting those producing "waste" with those that can use it.


Coffee Grounds

Do you have a couple of house plants? Coffee grounds from your local coffee house will perk them right up.


Ground to Ground

Do you produce coffee grounds? Become a Ground to Ground participant and your customers will thank you as they take them away.


Wood Shavings

Need to add some browns to your green-heavy compost? Find a wood shop with non-treated shavings to balance things.



Want to mulch in your favorite plant beds? You can load up on free mulch, we’ll tell you where.



Yard Waste

Have too many leaves to deal with? Find a community garden that will take them.


Kitchen Scraps

Want to start composting your kitchen scraps? Find resources to help you get started or find someone near you that can use them for animal feed or compost.


Spent Grains

Brew your own beer? Find backyard chickens that will love the spent grains.


Help Out Others

Have a car, a bike, a wagon? Help Urban Patchwork or others by transporting materials from a nearby restaurant to your favorite farm or community garden.


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